What is Coaching?

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Justin McDonald (JMac)
High Level Business Coach with SixthDivision.com

I asked him to explain coaching.

“Organized thinking.

“It’s really just asking the right questions in the right order. It just forces—Okay, you need to decide something. Okay, Decision One. Okay now what’s the next decision you need to make—and you just stack.

“We’ve clearly defined something, now I got to actually make it happen.

“Reality is, there is this chasm—I have this idea, this is what the other side of the idea looks like. And there’s this chasm where the effort, the energy and the ideas go to die. Gravity always pulls them down and prevents them from getting to the other side of execution.

“Two things happen: one, we help people simplify so that the other edge of the chasm actually gets closer and you have a less expensive bridge—a quicker bridge (time, energy, and money).

“And there’s the emotional payback of, I got across the bridge. Something’s working. Something’s happening. Even if it wasn’t the giant version of what I had, I got this one done.

“I’ve got revenue from something coming in, a time-saving that I can go work on revenue-producing activities. I can now jump the next little gap. The next little gap. Instead of some giant chasm.

“So it is organized thinking and then helping people scope down to produce meaningful results immediately. And then stack on those meaningful results.

“Get something working, and then optimize it. Bolt the next thing onto it.

“You have the one week version of something. A one-month version of something. A one-year version of something. Let’s launch the one-week version of it first. Then let’s launch the one-month version of it.

Twelve months of the one-month version and I get to the one-year version. And all along I’m making money and I’m saving time. And all along I’m making money and saving time and I’m living life today. That’s the way we see it.”

“It’s so easy to let other things distract you from that.”