It’s my story (I need to start somewhere)

Get the word out!

The time is now. For many years, I’ve been learning and stopping there—with minimal to no consistent action to follow through on my learning.

I had tried to blog daily and ran out of steam.

Nonetheless, the past is stepping stones to my present and future.

The story is indeed in the struggle. I embrace it all. The struggle. The push back within. Without. The resistance. I’m walking out my story.


I’m walking into my calling: capturing compelling people stories day in and day out.

The people stories that aren’t being told. That aren’t being heard. Controversial ones. Interesting ones. All compelling.

Stories that need captured for today and the future.

This is the crux of my burden. This is the need I see in my world.

Stories are being lived—but too many are not being captured.

What really gets missed is the inspiration we can receive. The encouragement. The understanding.

Stories that help us process our own lives and challenges. Stories of instruction. Stories of entertainment.


I got my start in storytelling in 1999 when I randomly took my first shot at a journalistic story covering a local event that attracted several hundred bird watchers who wanted to learn more about attracting bluebirds and purple martins in their backyards.

I wrote the story. Submitted it to the local paper. Red letter day in my life. It published. I got a writer’s high.

And we know how ‘highs’ work. We need another and another. And then another. That’s what I got.

I’ve been asking people questions and capturing their stories ever since.

It’s been a blast for years. The published writer’s high.

While the full clarity is still coming, I embrace Proverbs 16:3. I commit my works (anything/everything I’m doing now) to the Lord and my thoughts will be established (it will then become clear what and how I should do it).

There are so many stories I’ve already captured and I haven’t shared them.

That time is now.

I’m on a journey. To my destiny.

I will simply keep walking and learn as I go.

This is important work because it’s what I believe I’m really called to. I need to do it. I am doing it.

I can’t get away from it.

I can’t not do it.

In the coming weeks I’ll be dripping the stories I’ve captured and am continuing to capture.

No need to wait any longer.

I’m simply writing because I need to. It’s the journey into my destiny.