How to be free of fear? (Lee Beachy)

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Lee has worked as a counselor to help people overcome personal issues for years.

I simply asked him, “Fear is prevalent. How can someone overcome fear?”

He immediately replied, “You can never take away fear.”

He took out a notepad and sketched, “This is basically what happens,” he continued.

People come into my office and say, “I have all this fear. Take away my fear. Basically, this is what you’re looking to. You got about 100 points. You got trust over here. You got fear over here. You’re somewhere on the scale.”

I think this was the clincher: “The more you learn to trust, the less fear you have. The less you trust the more fear you have.”

“You’re literally on this scale pegged somewhere. So when people say take away my fear, it doesn’t work like that. You got to build your trust which takes away your fear. So learn to lay it down. Trust God. There goes your fear.”

Lee Beachy