The Christmas song that turned around a dangerous situation (John Schmid)

John Schmid is the most recognized musician in my area in Ohio. He strums country gospel with his Martin guitar, heavily influenced by Johnny Cash. He commonly wears a white

Dad Ran Away—Then We Thought He Had Died

Over the past several years my wife and I became close friends with a special couple from our church. The husband, Fredy, is Peruvian, his wife, Leona, is American. Nearly

I Killed a Man: How Does Matthew Cordle’s Chilling Confession Affect You?

“I killed a man” is the line that is still reverberating around the world. A well-done YouTube video viewed several million times. Shocking. Awe-striking. Unbelievable. What to make of it?

The Power of Love and the Moment She Breathed Her Last

I have a short story I want to tell that happened in our community last week. Ada and Emma Ada and Emma were widow ladies. Friends of ours. Both in