How to take a good photo? (Photographer of Amish, Doyle Yoder)

Doyle has been capturing the essence of Amish Country and the Amish lifestyle all over Amish communities in the Eastern US for decades. I asked him what it takes to

Can legacy happen before we die? (Pastor Rob Coburn)

“If we focus on legacy being the thing that we are leaving behind we’re missing what we can implant into people now, because we are so busy with life. We

What’s the best solution when I get stuck in my life? (Coach Kevin West)

Kevin coaches high level business execs. He offered an example conversation when they hit a road block in his clients. Kevin: “You can’t out of your own way, can you?

How can I get what I need in life? (Business Owner, Matt Beachy)

Matt has determined from his own life, this lesson: “Whatever you need, give that. If you need money, give money. It simply works that way.” Matt Beachy President,

I learned in the US Air Force (Mark Kinsey)

A key lesson Mark learned through the US Air Force: “If you’re not early, you’re late.” Mark Kinsey US Air Force Base · Tucson, AZ  

7 Lessons I learned From living abroad in my 20s (Craig Kulyk)

I met Craig Kulyk at Tribe Conference in Franklin, TN a few months ago. During summer breaks from his studies at University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Craig would work at

Dennis Regling: Balloon Twister (From Rat Race to a Life of Meaning)

A few months ago, I met Dennis on the sidewalk during Rib Fest in downtown Berlin, Ohio. He donned a large apron filled with balloons and a funny-looking hat. (Quite

What is one thing everyone has one and it’s special? (Dorian)

“Everyone has a story and it’s interesting if you listen.” Dorian was quoting his late mother

What is Coaching?

Justin McDonald (JMac) High Level Business Coach with I asked him to explain coaching. “Organized thinking. “It’s really just asking the right questions in the right order. It just

Value is created…

“Value is created when both sides win.” Brad Martineaux High Level Business Coach CEO,