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Three taboos church people should be talking about (Dave Wernli)

Dave Wernli tells us three things he thinks the church should be talking about that are often considered taboo. Dave and Janet Wernli’s ministry, Identity in Wholeness, helps individuals and

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One couple and four pets traveling the USA – Dream life (Nick and Hanna True)

I met Nick True at @JeffGoins’ Tribe Conference in Franklin, TN. After learning about his story I knew it was one to capture. +++ Nick and Hanna True spent their

It’s my story (I need to start somewhere)

The time is now. For many years, I’ve been learning and stopping there—with minimal to no consistent action to follow through on my learning. I had tried to blog daily

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Five Tips For Getting More Done (Honoree Corder)

I met Honoree at @JeffGoins’ Tribe Conference in Franklin, TN. Honoree Corder helps writers get their books completed and creatives get their work done. She specializes in helping people execute

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A Pastor’s Honesty About Quitting. And, What Does it Take to Be a Good Teacher? (Jathan Maricelli)

Jathan Maricelli was trying to tell others how to live while he pastored the church he felt called to. (Did he actually feel called or was he secretly trying to

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Best parenting advice: What do your children really desire?

A dad gives his best advice about parenting. And answers the question of what your children will most remember after they’re grown.

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What Does it Take to Be a Good Balloon Twister? (Dennis Regling)

Dennis, The Balloon Guy, has a clear idea on what it takes to be a great balloon guy. Hear what he says in this video. Find more about his Science

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What Does it Take to Make A Good Ghostwriter? (Matthew Kaboomis Loomis)

I met Mr. Matthew Kaboomis Loomis at @JeffGoins’ Tribe Conference in Franklin, TN. He has a blog to help other people learn how to blog at https://www.buildyourownblog.net/ and has high

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The Butterfly Lady (Vikki Stutzman)

Vikki has the touch when it comes to helping to maintain and grow the Monarch butterfly population. This year she will be releasing around 550 Monarchs from her home in

Give what you have, it’s all you can do (Bishop Odhiambo)

“God works with what you have, to do something.” From the story of the boy and the loaves and fishes. The boy gave them to Jesus and it fed thousands.